How Much Sleeve Do You Show?

Suit trends have changed and have become more fitted in general. The boxy, sloppy suits of the 90’s are long since gone. Now, jackets are tapered, pant hems have climbed up and sleeve lenghths are shorter. The fashion world would say the cuff of your shirt should be visible out the bottom of your jacket.

However, for the average person that’s a different story. This begs the question – how much sleeve do you show?

Here’s what our staff are saying:

Josh, our most fashion forward guy, is all about fitted and short. You could drop him into the streets of Milan and he would fit right in with his short pants. You will always see some of his shirt cuff showing through his jacket, not to mention several bracelets to finish off the look.

Wayne is definitely fashionable, but he also knows what the everyday man is looking for in a suit. And he is not looking for jackets sleeves that could be mistaken for too short. With your hands at your side he’ll measure your suit jacket to stop at the base of your thumb. Your shirt cuff will be hidden, but that will change as you raise your arms.

Noel is usually wearing cufflinks so he definitely chooses to have more of his sleeve showing. That’s his go to look in the picture below.

Ultimately, the choice is yours regardless of what’s trending in the fashion world. Rest assured we will tailor your jacket to your preference, not to ours! We want you looking good and feeling good.


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