Rock the Socks

Wearing colourful socks is a great way to add some personal style to your outfit. Bold patterns, playful icons and bright stripes are the trends for sock style. Wear them with a suit, casual pants or jeans to instantly upate your look.

The best tip for getting started with coloured socks is not to over think it. Follow these easy guidelines and you will definitely pull it off.

  1. If you’re a bit on the conservative side, start with tonal colours and stripes. Graduate to bolder colours and fun icons.
  2. Pick a colour that coordinates nicely with your shoes, but isn’t the same colour. You want to avoid the boot effect.
  3. As long as one of the colours in the sock appears elsewhere in your outfit, you will look put together.

We carry a wide selection of fun socks from Bugatchi, Robert Graham and Marcoliani. Be careful not to sacrifice function for fashion in your socks. Each of our brands are also performance based with great absorbancy and hand linked toes for additional comfort.  As with any dress socks, make sure they are long enough so when you sit down your leg skin isn’t showing.

Just remember, business doesn’t need to be boring. Some even say People Who Wear Crazy Socks are Smart, Successful & Revolutionary – we would have to agree!

Rock the Sock!