Picking the Perfect Wedding Suit

The big day is approaching and you need to pick the perfect wedding suit. There is no doubt the bride will steal the show, but her eyes will be glued on you and you want to look your best. She deserves better than a rented suit.

Before you come in to start the process, have a chat with your fiance to nail down some critical info. Ultimately most brides have the final say, so confer with her with on how formal is the wedding is going to be and find out what she has in mind. This is the first step in the Happy Wife Happy Life theory – do your homework!

Suit colour will be dependent on how formal the wedding is, the location and of course personal preference. If this will be the only suit you own, we suggest an elegant black. It will look classic and you will be able to wear it again. If you already have a collection of suits, you may be looking for something more along the lines of charcoal, grey or even navy. With an outside or destination wedding you could consider a lighter tan or khaki. Regardless of colour, skip the patterns and go for the solid.

Comfort is first and foremost, and a well fitting suit should give you that while also looking sharp. Make sure it’s tailored for you so the sleeves are the right length and it fits your body as well as your shoulders. Remember – we don’t charge extra for alterations. We just want it to look good and do what it takes to make that happen.

Dress Shirt
When choosing a shirt, we suggest an eggshell, which is slightly off-white. Most bridal gowns are not a pure white. A crisp white shirt against an ivory or off white gown will make her dress look dingy.

Ties, bow ties and pocket squares are definitely great accessories but they shouldn’t be the start of the show. Go for something solid or an understated, small pattern. A white pocket square will coordinate nicely with the bride without being too dazzling. Remember, if you’re wearing a boutonniere on your lapel you’ll want to skip the pocket square.

We see a lot of wedding parties adding their personal flair through colourful socks – Go for it!

Tips for the Father of the Bride or Groom
– A white shirt looks good for pictures
– Aim to be the second best dressed guy so as not to upstage the groom
– Stay away from anything too flashy

We’ve all looked back at wedding pictures from year’s past where the styles of the day were very evident. Just remember – classics are classics for a reason and they always look good.

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