August Outfit of the Month

It’s August and it’s time to talk about dressing for summer weddings… and how you’re probably the guy who shows up in a polo. Please stop. We know it’s hot out, but trust us when we say you can do better. Choose a sport coat or suit in a summer weight wool that is quarter lined. These pieces are way more breathable than their fully lined counterparts. Wear a cotton dress shirt, and always remember to wear an undershirt to help with sweat (we know more layers seems counter-intuitive but trust us on this one). An Eton shirt paired with a SAXX undershirt are the perfect duo for keeping you both cool and stylish. Keep your colours on the lighter side, and have some fun with your accessories- wear a fun pair of socks, add a pocket square, and if you’re feeling really adventurous try a lapel pin.

Coppley Sport Coat $695
Hugo Boss Slip On Dress Shoes $495
Alberto Dress Pants $275
Eton Dress Shirt $255
Eton Pocket Square $50
Robert Graham Socks $30
Dion Lapel Rose $45