Made to Measure with Coppley

coppley2Coppley has been making suits, trousers, sport coats and top coats since 1883. They are a Canadian company and proud to use only the finest wool mills in the world.

MacDermott’s carries a selection of both seasonal and classic Coppley suits in store and will tailor these garments as needed. However, sometimes you just want to have something specifically made for you. Coppley calls this their Accumeasure program and in simple terms, the garment is made to your individual measurements.

Accumeasure is a convenient, simple method of ordering single garments.  We can specify up to seventeen measurement and posture changes, and choose from a wide variety of styles. The order will be processed, completed and cut to the your specifications, then completed in their Canadian factory- in Hamilton, Ontario to be exact.

Start by choosing the body or overall style. There are five basic options from classic to trim fitting. Then we customize with up to seventeen different measurements from sleeve length, the pant rise and even your posture.

Coppley features an instock program of staple fabrics available year round, then supplements with additional seasonal fabrics. Everything from wool and wool-silk blends to cotton is available. Select your fabric based on your desired weight, pattern and colour.

Then you can really trick it out! Choose from different interior linings, contrast stitching and over 30 custom button options.

The final detail is the personal “Made Exclusively For” tag sewn inside of your jacket. Not only will no one have a garment like yours, but it’s personalized too. Of course our standards remain the same; if you need any alterations in that garment’s lifetime we’re happy to take care of that for you.