Kelowna – Meet Swims

Born out of the need for fashionable footwear for wet weather, Swims is a Norwegian lifestyle brand of shoes. They started by reinventing the classics to be wet weather friendly. Now, they have expanded beyond galoshes and over shoes into summer staples. We think they are perfect for Kelowna. On the beach, on the boat, in the water – no problem.

Each shoe features anti-slip and non-marking soles, ventilation gills to ensure breathability, durable and flexible TPU outer shell, anti-bacterial insole and rubber/nylon fabrication. Water doesn’t damage this shoe, it’s meant to get wet. Need a wash? No problem – toss them in the washing machine and they are safe upto 30°C.

Now you know the function, now check out the fashion. They are available in all the bold summer colours to add some flair to your feet. Choose from trendy sneakers, boat shoes and driver styles. Whether you’re on the boat, around the pool or just enjoying Kelowna, Swims are a great summer shoe.