The store has a new look! MacDermott’s is the new home of the only Robert Graham shop-in-shop concept in all of North America. Robert Graham sport shirts, sport coats, ties, belts, scarves, hats, socks, gloves… we have it all. It’s bold and distinctive with amazing colours and unique detail. When you are wearing a Robert Graham sport shirt people can tell. Each shirt has beautiful stitching, stylish embroidery and eye catching artwork, all with a soft, comfortable fabric. It is a great, true fitting shirt that is sure to turn heads. MacDermott’s is the exclusive Robert Graham dealer in Kelowna and this concept is putting Kelowna on the map. This is a big deal.

And it gets better. Check out the 17 rows and 8 columns of pure Eton dress shirts. An entire wall was flown in from Sweden to showcase the best dress shirt money can buy. Eton dress shirts are stylish, yet comfortable. You have your choice of bold and vibrant colours, or key understated basics. And the best part – the easy care. The fabrics are the finest in the world and it’s just wash and wear. The performance is unbeatable. Eton dress shirts are truly a choice for the most discerning men.

MacDermott’s is giving more of the best with the Robert Graham shop-in-shop and the Eton concept wall. Stop by and see the new look for yourself. Prepare to be tempted.