Making Changes

MacDermott’s is at it again!

The store was recently closed for a week enduring MAJOR renovations. Windows covered, doors locked, special deliveries and our staff sworn into secrecy… we kept you all guessing. Even the local news was taking notice – What’s Up at MacDermott’s?

A team of 8 from Toronto was on hand to rip up floors, reinvent the walls, paint and stage an entire semi-truck of new fixtures and product.

Now that the dust has settled, we are happy to reveal our expansion further more into John Varvatos. MacDermott’s now offers the full lifestyle and world-of sensibility of the label, including both collections John Varvatos Star USA and the exclusive John Varvatos main line. Kelowna has never seen anything like this before! “It’s insane. When you walk in the store you won’t believe that the room was put together in a week, and that it’s in Kelowna- I feel like I’m in New York. Trying to describe it won’t do it justice, you really have to come and see for yourself,” commented Wayne MacDermott about the transformation.

John Varvatos main collection is straight from the runway and we like to describe it as Rock Royalty. From the very beginning, John Varvatos infuses his namesake collection with a creative spirit and intrinsic edge so recognizably his own. In his own words, he designs the line for “a guy who appreciates beautiful fabrics and great details, without being too over-the-top.” The signature Varvatos approach translate the best vintage looks and tailoring techniques into an original style that is always relevant and unmistakably modern. Join us to experience new exclusive artisanal fabrics, hand-sewn craftsmanship and detail giving a sense of rock n’ roll regality.

John Varvatos Star USA has been in full effect at MacDermott’s and now we have amped up the volume. Being the more casual component of the company, John Varvatos Star USA embodies sophisticated sportswear with a youthful spirit expressed in a preppy-meets-punk aesthetic. The funked-up classics, many of them with a rumpled, worn-in look, still exhibit the designer’s meticulous attention to detail and penchant for innovative finishes.

Robert Graham is not gone! When you first enter MacDermott’s you will be greeted with a vibrancy of colour, welcoming you into the color wheel of Robert Graham. It was time for a change but don’t worry… it is all still here with more exciting product and limited edition items. Just for you, we are the first in Canada to carry Robert Graham footwear that just arrived last week.