Flash back to 1995

The world was a different place back in 1995 when we first opened our doors. Hugo Boss was new to Kelowna, Wayne still had all his hair and Brice wasn’t even a teenager yet.

Here are some other events hitting their 20th anniversary this year:

– The Rockets moved to Kelowna
– Kelowna Farmer’s Market
– The last episode of Full House aired on TV
– Grammy-winning singer Selena was murdered
– Christopher Reeve was paralyzed
– Hugh Grant was arrested for lewd conduct
– eBay went live
– Toy Story opened in theatres
– The final “Calvin & Hobbes” strip was published
– The album of the year was Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”

And fashion was a little different back in 1995! Suits were baggy, patterns were geometric and look at those pleats. Check out these MacDermott’s newspaper ads and store pictures – a sign of the times!

And don’t forget about our Coppley Sportcoat contest. Share with us why you need a style update and you could win a modern Coppley Sportcoat valued up to $650. Good Luck