Holiday Staff Picks

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone can be tricky, but we’re here to help! Here are our Staff Holiday Picks for this season:

Sheena – John Varvatos Barrett Boot – $350
These boots come in 3 different colours and are absolutely bad ass. A killer combination of calfskin leather and tire rubber soles make these babies almost indestructible.

Wayne – Robert Graham Sport Coat – $895
We know sport coats are everywhere right now. If your guy doesn’t have one, he needs one! This Robert Graham McDaniel sport coat is sure to turn heads with velvet, paisley pattern and a built in pocket square.

Jason – Hugo Boss Winter Wear – $65 to $125
It’s the trifecta of Hugo Boss – leather gloves, wool scarf and knit toque. When that winter chill hits you have to stay warm. These cold weather essentials will do the trick while keeping you stylish.

Noel – John Varvatos – $78 to $695
He tried to pin it down a little more, but just couldn’t pick a fave. Every piece from the John Varvatos collection right now is awesome. For anyone who is a fan of the brand, likes a little rock n roll or just wants to look great, it is sure to bring a big smile as they open the box.

Josh – Bracelets – $195 to $385
As Josh demonstrates, men’s bracelets are a great way to add the finishing touch to your look. Perfect for the man who cares about details, follows current trends or has just about everything else. We carry a selection from Eton as well as Tateossian and you’re sure to find the perfect one. Don’t forget – they look even better when stacked up.

Barron – Top Coat ($1095) & Wool Hat ($135)
Meet Don Barrone, who makes an appearance every winter season and has never before been photographed. He owns the Coppley top coat and the look wouldn’t be complete without the hat. A wool fedora is a nice alternative to a classic winter toque for the bolder, more fashion conscious man in your life.