If The Shirt Fits

Everything looks better when it fits right – trust us! Getting that perfect fit is a necessity and our experts are here to help. Areas of concern include sleeve length, width or body fit and overall shirt length. But before we look at how it should look, this is how not to do it.

The HULK move. Unless you are the Hulk, you don’t need to be able to flex like this in your dress shirt. All you’re likely to do is blow out a dart or bust a seam. If you frequent this pose day to day, you probably shouldn’t be wearing a dress shirt.


The ZOMBIE walk. Everyone’s sleeve looks too short when they walk like this. Again, unless this is a standard move for you, it is not an appropriate gauge of how the shirt fits.


Your shirt should fit comfortably in a resting position yet still give you freedom for average movement. Let your arms hang naturally at your side and aim for your sleeve to reach just past your wrist. You should be able to raise your arms and move comfortably, but unless you “hulk” frequently or walk like a zombie those moves are not relevent for properly fitting a shirt.

Read more on sleeve length here


Everyone has a personal preference on how their shirt should fit, ranging from quite tailored to more relaxed. Our team (and tailor shop!) will help you achieve the perfect fit for you. Rest assured when you walk out the door, you will be looking great.