The Summer Look

Men’s fashion continues to go back to the roots of a gentleman’s style. This summer is all about the short sleeve button down. A great tee will still get you by, but to really be sharp go with a button down.

This season’s hottest shirts are tailored and can be worn tucked in or left out. Much like the long sleeve sport shirts of the past winter, detailing is important and can be shown off by flipping up your cuff. Sleeves are shorter than we’ve seen before, but can really accentuate some good looking arms. This summer it’s definitely a case of “Suns out Guns Out”.

In keeping with other summer trends we see lots of colours, plaids and bold patterns. Look for contrast buttons and extra detailing along the plaquet and cuff to make it interesting.

GQ Cover star Channing Tatum knows how to rock the look.

short sleeve button downs