The Suit

Do you have a great looking suit in your wardrobe? Whether you wear one to the office or just to weddings, every guy needs a good suit. Suits have evolved significantly over the years to be stylish, more versatile and better fitting. 
Black isn’t the only option for suits these days. A sharp navy or cool charcoal are on trend for the season, but are also timeless classics. Feeling adventurous? Slip on a bold plaid, windowpane or check pattern and really amp up the style.
Looking for the ultimate in versatility? Suit jackets these days can also be a stand alone sport coat – ensuring you get max value from your suit. Pair with a flashy sport shirt or a subtle knit and you have a great look for a night out.
Don’t be fooled into thinking wearing a suit needs to be stuffy and uncomfortable. A good suit will make you look great and feel great. If it doesn’t, you have the wrong suit! Suits can be formal for that wedding, or casual enough for drinks with the guys after work.