The No Show Sock

Summer is officially here and that brings a new selection of summer shoes to choose from. And with shoes come socks – usually. Unless you’re sporting your flip flops all the time, you’ll need to consider a strategy for socks or negotiating function if you go with out.

Boat shoes and drivers are trendy this season and a great option as a casual, but not too casual, shoe. If you don’t want to go barefoot, we recommend you try a no-show sock.

No-show socks work wonders to give you all the comfort and function that a traditional sock provides, but without taking over your foot and ankle. They are cut low around all sides to cover only the important part of your feet.

We love these Marcoliani n0-shows. A comfortable cotton adds cushioning under foot and serves to keep your feet dry. Handy little grippers on the inside of the heel keep them in place to while you’re walking and enjoying the summer heat. The sides and top are cut low so they don’t peek out over your shoe, thus giving your shoe and not your socks all the attention. These are definitely a must-have when it comes to any summer casual shoes.