The Classic White Shirt by Eton

As you’ve heard us say before, a crisp white shirt should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Start here before anything else and then build your look depending on the occassion. Check back on Man Up – Building your Wardrobe for tips on great basics.

When searching for the perfect white shirt, none do it better than Eton.

A plain shirt doesn’t mean boring. Add a tie, scarf or bow tie to kick it up a notch and pair it with denim for a great casual look. Not to mention, white is going to match every one of your suits. Did you know that Eton dress shirts all take cufflinks without needing a special cuff?

A number of details are available on a “plain” white shirt. Choose from a cut away collar, contrast stitching and buttons, slim or contemporary fit and a variety of fabric and texture options. Again, a white shirt doesn’t have to be boring.

As they say, when you invest in quality you only cry once. You will feel the difference when you wear one. Eton dress shirts are top quality yet are also easy to care for. They have a patented cotton weave that makes them wrinkle resistant without all the chemicals often found in wrinkle free garments. Another bonus – you need not dry clean these shirts. Just machine was in cold water then give them a good shake and hang them to dry. Little if any ironing is needed to keep them looking great.

Fun Facts
Did you know that the standard sleeves are 2 to 3 inches longer on these dress shirts so they easily fit more people. Not to worry about them being too long though, we will tailor it perfectly.

Invest in good basics and you’ll never regret it. Mixing and matching your core pieces with strategic accessories will give you a multitude of styles. Start with the perfect white shirt and build from there.