The Casual Sport Coat

Casual looks for men continue to elevate in style, class and sophistication. The new trend is sport coats. It doesn’t sound casual to most, but trust us, it is.

Worn with a simple tee underneath and paired with jeans, a sport coat is a great day time or evening look. While classy enough for office or work wear, it is also a perfect street style look. With beautiful linens and cotton blends available, your sport coat can be comfortable and look more relaxed that the formal coat you may be imagining.

Sport coats also open the door for added accessories. Find yourself a fun pocket square and really add some fashion to your look. Many also offer unique detailing in buttons, zippers, lapels, stitching and accent trims differentiate yourself.

Own just a suit and not a specific sport coat? No problem. Even a basic suit jacket fits the bill and looks great in this dressed down approach. Keep the colour of your pants in the same family as your jacket and be careful not to contrast too much on the fabric. A black suit jacket isn’t going to work with a pair of khakis. But it will rock with a pair of dark denim jeans or grey casual pants.

The casual trend has been kicked up a notch. Show off your personal style with a great sport coat and look sharp this season. Wear it with confidence and you’re going to look great.

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