Summer Hats

It’s been a long time since hats were in style. All men used to wear real hats – they weren’t only functional, they were stylish. Up until now the most a guy could put on his head was a baseball cap. Somehow we think a trucker cap is missing something.

The fedora is this summer’s hottest hat. It’s lightweight and far more fashionable that a typical cap. Want to be bold? Look for patterns and bright colours. More of a conservative guy? Stay with neutral tones or small pops of colours in the accent band. In a time of being sun savvy, a guy needs a hat to keep the sun off and help stay cool. But don’t forget the fashion element. The right hat is going to complete your look as the perfect accessory. Whether you dress it up or dress it down this summer, make sure you have yours.

Thankfully, style and sophistication are back in full resurgence. When you’re dressed for work, don a darker, understated hat to compliment your suit while shading your eyes. In the heat of the summer choose a funky fedora with your flip flops and shorts when you are heading to the BBQ.