SS16 Preview

At the end of the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons Wayne heads off to Toronto, Vancouver and Las Vegas to preview next year’s fashions. In each buying trip he visits all our vendors and scouts out potential lines and trends. It’s a grueling process but it has to be done! Did you know that right now we carry 37 different brands?

Here’s what you need to know about Spring/Summer 2016…

Carry over trends from this past summer:
The year of the jacket or sport coat continues and MacD says “Jackets are King.” We see still see them paired with trimmer fitting fashion jeans. The look is more polished and put together than years past.

New trends we will see:
Trends don’t change over night and the updates for spring/summer 2016 are subtle. There is a stronger accessory presence with lapel pins, cufflinks and pocket squares. There is also a trend in red footwear, and MacD says, “but you have to have the balls to wear them.”

Spring/Summer 2016 Must Have piece:
If you didn’t pick up a versatile day to night jacket this year, you need to get one in spring/summer 2016. A piece that works just as easily for work lunches as dinners out on the town is the Must Have piece of the season.

Enjoy a sneak peek of the spring/summer 2016 products as well as a taste of the buying process: