Spring Boss Orange

Spring has arrived once again at MacDermott’s and with the warmer weather comes the shorter sleeves and lighter weight fabrics. A favourite brands to wear at this time of year is Boss Orange Label. This brand brings the funky side to Hugo Boss and is highlighted by linen and cotton fabrics for the spring and summer fashions. Boss Orange is quite casual and offers a wide selection of t-shirts and sport shirts to jackets and shoes, with everything in between.

For this season Boss Orange has really used a strong bleached colour structure. T-shirts use the idea of “Landscapes of India” which are colourful and artistic with an overall mystical impression. Sport shirts are cotton and cotton-linen blends and have a comfortable sea-side feel to them. They are perfect for hanging out on a patio or by the pool. Boss Orange denim has slightly changed this season to a more casual pant direction, but hung on to the tighter, more distressed look which is reminiscent of previous styles.

Summer is approaching fast and with the life style that Kelowna has to offer, Boss Orange is definitely the brand to wear.