Sport Shirts

Sport shirts have been growing in popularity over the last few years. They have given men a stylish way to express themselves with something other than a white or blue dress shirt. Wearing your sport shirt untucked with a pair of jeans and a blazer, or under a v-neck sweater is a great casual-dress look. Sport shirts are not only great for a casual night out, but they are making a big appearance in the workplace as well.

A sport shirt is not to be confused for a dress shirt, they are different pieces. There are a couple of easy ways to tell them apart. First would be fit. A dress shirt is considerably more fitted so it can be worn with a tie and fit nicely under a suit jacket. A sport shirt is less fitted and designed to be worn with the top button open and untucked. The second difference, which is very distinct, is colour and print. Dress shirts are often solid in colour or decorated with subtle prints. Sport shirts are recognizable for their bold colours and often daring prints. 

Winter is over and summer is coming, it is time to try injecting some colour into your look. Pure is a trendy European brand known for colorful vibrant and bold patterns, a great way to brighten up your look for spring.  

Another hot look is a plaid or check from Boss Orange. These old school patterns are back in a huge way. A western looking shirt with a new urban flare and feel is the ultimate in casual weekender wear.

If you really want to go for it, Robert Graham is the answer. These are probably the hottest sport shirts in the world right now. Known for stunning paisley prints, unique florals and eye-catching patterns, these shirts are for the man who wants to stand out in the crowd. And these guys don’t forget the fine points. Each shirt is detailed with amazing embroidery down the inside of the plackets. The number one way to tell you are wearing a Robert Graham is the signature artwork found under every cuff. A Robert Graham sport shirt is a sure-fire way to add some pop to your look this spring.