neckwearMen’s fashion this fall/winter continues to revive the classic, dressier looks. A tie used to carry a very conservative image, but as our casual society looks to revolt, the tie has come back into fashion with a very different image. It’s now sleek, sophisticated and hot.

If you want to separate yourself from the herd, try knotting up one of these:

A silk knitted tie was popular back in the early 80’s and has made its way to the forefront of fashion again. It’s very cool in the slimmed down version and looks great in a solid paired with a check shirt.

A dramatic paisley in rich, fall colours will invigorate your suit or sport coat. Or try a sophisticated neet to add a little fashion flair.

With the colder fall season in Kelowna, try a heavier weight tie with some texture in a wool or heavier weight silk. Keep the colours understated and simple, like a dark brown or grey.

Finally, the guys in Madmen are showing us how to do it right. The sexy, stylized and provocative drama shows us that the skinny tie look is as hot as ever. For the ultimate in attitude make sure your skinny tie is 6cm or less, and make it dark.

Remember that a fashionable tie anchors every great look. Whether it is a casual day at the office or a formal night on the town, a tie is an essential and easy way to add some personal style.