Men’s Scarves

Keeping with the hot trend of men’s accessories, you will be seeing a lot of men’s scarves this season. They can be paired with a simple tee, worn with a sport coat and even layered under a vest. There are several ways to fashion a scarf depending on the weight, fabric and look you’re going for.

1. Keep it loose, wrap it once around your neck and then let the ends hang down each side. Easy to style and keeps your neck warm too! This works with any type of scarf, but gives a different look depending on the weight.

2. Tied and tucked. Wear a lightweight scarf, give it a loose knot and then tuck the ends under your vest layer. It’s sleek, yet more much more casual than wearing an actual tie.

3. Simple wrap. Forget the fuss and have your scarf around the back of your neck then hanging down. Just make sure your scarf isn’t too long with the ends getting in the way.

4. Get creative. There is a lot of freedom with scarves and you can definitely expand from here. Add a different knot, roll the fabric, shift things to the side for an assymetrical look – the sky’s  the limit.

The fall/winter 2014 John Varvatos collection has a great selection of scarves to get you started.