Man Up Part Deux! Building Your Wardrobe

You’ve got the basics covered – what’s next?

As a refresher, here’s what we have so far: a black suit, white dress shirt, good pair of jeans (hemmed dammit!), light grey pair of casual pants and of course a black lace up shoe. It’s time to start expanding on these basics without getting too crazy. Big patterns, signature pieces and more accessories can come later.

Let’s get going! Start with adding a blue dress shirt. Don’t over think it, just find one you like. It can even be gingham or have a subtle pattern. I like this one by Eton – it has a small check and looks great with a tie or undone as a sport shirt. This gives you new looks for both dressy and business casual.

It’s also time to add in another shoe. Your second pair should be a brown lace up, like this Hugo Boss. Brown shoes look great with a grey pant so you’ll have lots of options with this one. Just like your black lace ups, this shoe will work for both casual and dressier looks. Versatility is the key. It’s also a good time to add in a brown belt. A tip – your belt and shoes should match!

Let’s add in another casual look. Take your basic white v-neck shirt and start layering. This great John Varvatos cardigan will keep you warm and stylish in your day to day errands.

As the days are getting colder we are going to add an outerwear item as well. I love this John Varvatos jacket – it looks like a blazer but is much heavier. The shortened length looks sharp and you can easily add a scarf and a pair of leather gloves to complete the look.

Part 2 of building your wardrobe is again giving you options for all three types of looks – dressy, business casual and casual. We’ve added in a blue dress shirt (that doubles as a sport shirt), cardigan or sweater, brown shoes & belt and outerwear piece.

part 2 collage