Man Up! Part 3 – Building Your Wardrobe

Now everyone has the basics and it’s time to expand your wardrobe without spending a fortune. The way to do that is to accessorize.

An easy place to start is to add some ties to your current collection. Take a step out of the box and consider a bowtie too. It can modernize any look and bowties work great as a dressy or casual accessory. Just wear one and see what happens.

A scarf is next. They are not just to keep your neck warm anymore. Treat them as a casual tie that can be worn with any number of looks.

Ties not for you? Skip them all together and go for the pocket square. Fold it neatly or go for the poof, but don’t be afraid. A conservative approach is to stick with a neutral or plain pattern. But if you really want to ramp it up go for colour.

Don’t forget about the classics: cufflinks and the tie clip have made a big come back in fashion. They are small details that go a long way in changing up your looks.

Lastly, fewer people are wearing wrist watches these days. Instead, keep those wrists covered with bracelets. Choose from beaded ones or leather braids and wear as many as you like. A great advantage over watches because that would just be silly!