Layer It Up

Fall is coming and that crisp air is going to require a little more coverage. This season it’s all about the layers to keep you warm, but also stylish.

1st Layer – Tee
Even if it’s just an undershirt, start with this crucial layer! It helps keep your other clothes “fresher” and you more comfortable on the whole.

2nd Layer – Long Sleeve
Depending on how casual you are going for, either choose a knit henley, sport shirt or dress shirt for your long sleeve layer. It doesn’t have to be plain. Incorporate some unique detailing like buttons, snaps, contrast stitching or patterns.

3rd Layer – Vest
This is definitely a retro piece that has come full circle again in fashion. Match your vest to your jackets for a dressier look, or dress it down by choosing a contrasting colour or fabric. Do up all the buttons excep the top and bottom if you really want to show your fashion sense.

4th Layer – Jacket
Elevate your style with a sport jacket this season, and don’t forget you can use the jacket from your suit. With jeans or casual pants a sport jacket is a more casual look with a tonsof style. If you choose a more traditional casual jacket, look for one with interesting details in the zippers, lapels or collars to add a little more edge.

The Fall 2014 John Varvatos collection is tailor made for layering. Contrasting fabrics, interesting details and a colour palette that works together are cornerstones of the line.