Your Need-to-Knows For Summer 2015

The biannual bible of men’s style is now available for Spring & Summer 2015 – The GQ Style What to Wear Now

Our resident expert of cutting edge fashion – Josh – dissects the top trends from magazine and narrows down the top 5 fashion trends this season for Kelowna.

1. Khaki Suit – It’s a versatile summer and absolutely perfect for the next 6 months. Business, weddings, dates – it can do it all. Wear it with a shirt, tie & pocket square and you’re suitable formal. Or go for bold colours, a t-shirt and runners for a cool casual look. A must for this season.

2. Colours that Work – It doesn’t matter if it’s formal or casual, some colours just work perfectly together. Don’t forget this as you’re working through your spring and summer wardrobe. Your go to’s are going to be blue and brown, white and khaki & black and white. When in doubt, stick to these.

3. Henleys – In other words, a t-shirt with 3 or 4 buttons. They can be long sleeve or short sleeve, but either way they look fantastic. You can wear one on it’s own or as a layering piece. We have a great selection of them from John Varvatos right now.

4. Unlined Sport Jacket – This jacket is also considered unstructured and slips on more like a cardigan than a bulky jacket. There’s no padding and hardly any weight to it – perfect for the warmer weather. This can be your go to look for summer nights or paired with jeans.

5. Manly Belts – Take the trendy Western inspiration and channel it into a cool belt. Look for something thicker with a more prominent buckle. Think Urban Cowboy.

Need help updating your wardrobe for spring and summer? We are here to help. Get the these trends and all the latest fashion at MacDermott’s.