Eton – The Best Dress Shirt Around

If you are looking for the best, you want Eton. From Sweden, these are high quality dress shirts and accessories with the finest attention to detail. You will love the genuine craftsmanship, flawless style and of course their washability. Say good-bye to dry cleaning! Just machine wash in cold water, hang to dry and you are ready to go. Once you’ve worn an Eton shirt you will appreciate an unprecedented comfort in a dress shirt.

Let’s not forget about the accessories. In addition to fine shirts, Eton also has coordinating ties, pocket squares, cuff links and bracelets. Again, it’s all about the details. One of the most important details is fit. Choose from a contemporary or slim body style, take advantage of the longest sleeve lengths around, and know our tailor shop will make any additional alterations necessary to ensure a proper fit for you.

Here’s what the creative director at Eton has to say about Spring/Summer 2015:

“A true specialist covers all areas within their field and I think we have really done that with this collection. We top it off with our unique imagery and strengthen our position as the ultimate shirt maker.”

Shop our selection of Eton online here and read more about Eton’s history here.