Coppley – Made in Canada

Coppley is an esteemed menswear company founded all the way back in 1883. Beautiful fabrics, modern silhouettes and quality craftsmanship. Did you know that Coppley offered such a distinct range of looks? This is not your grandpa’s suit! Both modern and classic fittings are available, as well as a elegant solids and exciting patterns. If there’s a look you’re going for, chances are Coppley will have you covered.

Choose from ready made suits and sport coats, which MacDermott’s will happily tailor to your needs for the lifetime of the garment, or take advantage of their customized Made To Measure program. We take the measurements, you choose the fabric and body style and Coppley makes the garment specifically for you. Everyman needs a good suit, make sure yours is made just for you.

Here’s what Coppley has to say about their Fall 2015 line up:

For Fall 2015, Coppley is redefining what style and substance are all about. Building on the greys and indigo blues so in demand by our clients, greyed browns, purple, bottle green, rust and mustard are becoming more prominent, reflecting the rich tones of the season.

Carefully selected from only the finest Italian mills, the fabrics for Fall 2015 feature worsted or very light brushed finishes for jackets, pants and suits . This confers a sense of subdued sophistication that delights the eye and enlivens the imagination.

Coppley styling has been updated to include trimmer silhouettes in jackets and pants. Lapel widths on jackets are wider and well balanced. All aspects of the topcoat models have been trimmed-out for a cleaner more contemporary look.

At Coppley, we believe that the attire one wears is a communication all its own. That’s why we create remarkable tailored suits, jackets and pants appropriate for any occasion where the statement you make is a true reflection of your own character and values. That’s why we have been at the forefront of men’s premier apparel since 1883.

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