Check it Out


The iconic check has always been a staple in men’s wear, especially in dress shirts. They are perfect for the office, easily take a fashionable tie and offer a nice alternative to plain white. Pair your dress shirt with jeans or an unlined sport coat and your look seemlessly transitions from dress to casual. Eton of Sweden makes some of the finest dress shirts around, using the finest fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. They offer a full range of just about any kind of check pattern you can think of, helping you find the exact style you’re looking for.

Graph Check
This is a basic two tone check featuring a thin lines over a solid background creating a pattern that looks like graph paper. The checks can range in size.

Micro Check
This is a very small version of the graph check. From afar the pattern almost looks like a solid, but upon closer inspection the details is visible.

This is horizontal and vertical stripes of the same size and pattern on typically a white background. The coloured and white checks are all an even size.

sept-red-2Prince of Wales Check or Glen Plaid
Using dark or muted colours, dark and light stripes are alternated to create a criss-cross pattern of irregular checks

This is another two tone pattern featuring broken or abstract checks. Houndstooth patterns can be small and subtle or larger and more prominent.

This is a widely spaced pattern that creates larger spaces which look like windows.

Tartan or Plaid
This is a pattern of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical lines of different colours and sizes. The most prominent example to come to mind is of course the Scottish kilt!