Bracelets… For Men

Bracelets are not just for women anymore. They are everywhere on stylish European men and the trend has come across the pond to North America too – men’s bracelets are here.

Braided, beaded, metallic, leather and combinations of all four are gracing the wrists of men everywhere. One is good, but many looks even better. Called stacking, layer up those bracelets and you’re adding some sharp finishing touches to your look. Like to wear a watch? No problem, you can layer these bracelets around your watch to really stack it up.

Just like most accessories, it isn’t necessary to coordinate too specifically. Blacks and browns can be worn together and most will compliment just about any outfit. As long as you have the attitude, you can pull it off.

Check out our new selection of Eton men’s bracelets that just arrived from Sweden.

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