Anatomy of the Fashionable Suit

anatomy of a suit

We know suits aren’t just for business world any more. The Justin Timberlakes and Ryan Goslings are showing the world that suit can look super cool and the ladies love them!

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So here’s the low-down on how to wear the fashionable suit:

1. Tailored is the way to go
Gone are the days of bulky, boxy suits. Overall they are slimmer through the arms and body and fit snugly to your shoulders. That doesn’t mean tight and uncomfortable, just fitted and the right size.

2. Undo the bottom button
You’ll like like a rookie with all your jacket buttons done up. Leave the bottom one undone – always.

3. Proper hemming
With a narrower leg your pant should be hemmed shorter. Brush the tops of your shoes, but don’t bunch up on them

4. Sleeve length
Make sure they aren’t too long! You should be able to see part of the cuff from your shirt and your watch.

5. Add some flair
A skinny tie, fun pocket square or funky socks really amp up the style of your suit. There’s also some room to experiment with different styles and colours of shoes.