All About Pocket Squares

IMG_9489Pocket squares have continued to gain momentum in the fashion world over the past several years and we can safely say they are now a mainstream trend. Did you know some sport coats even come with built in pocket squares? Whether it is stunning solids, funky patterns, traditional creases or casual puffs, pocket squares are gracing sport coats everywhere. If you haven’t tried one yet, now is the time. Here is all the info you need to get started and join the pocket square revolution.

Size & Fabric
pocket squaresThere are different sizes as well as different weights of fabric. The amount of pocket available in jackets will vary too. Find a square that once folded fits easily into you pocket without being too bulky or sliding down to the bottom. Much like ties, pocket squares come in a number of fabrics. The most popular are silk, linen and cotton. Choose one that pairs well with the fabric of your jacket. For example heavier cotton looks more appropriate in a sturdy jacket that a lightweight or unlined sport coat.

Now here is where it gets fun. You don’t need to be all matchy-matchy with pocket squares cyour pocket square and other clothes, in fact adding in bold patterns and bright colours can have a great effect. However if you’re unsure, keep it in the same tonal family. Find a consistent colour that unifies your look and then stay within a few shades. For a bolder look go for a bright pattern or contrasting colour.  Remember, a pop of colour can go a long way to elevating your style.

How To Wear a Square
There are hundreds of ways to fold a pocket square, but the 2 you need to know are the fold and the puff.

This the traditional, more elegant way to wear your pocket square. It is versatile for all occasions and should definitely be your first choice for a formal event.

1. Start with your square flat
2. Fold in half lengthwise in half
3. Fold the bottom up to meet the top
4. Fold lengthwise again to match the width of your jacket pocket
5. Fold the bottom up to suit the depth of your pocket
6. Tuck into your pocket then make any adjustments

Variations to this fold include showing the edges of the square or the folded crease.

IMG_9494 IMG_9493

This is a more casual look that gives off an effortless, nonchalant vibe. It can take you throughout your day from business meeting to drinks after dinner.

1. Start with your square flat
2. Pick up the square by lightly pinching the fabric in the centre
3. Make a circle with your index finger and thumb, then thread the square through the hold 3/4’s of the way
4. Fold the remaining ends upward to anchor the puff
5. Tuck into your pocket then make any adjustments for width and height

Variations include the upside-down puff in which the edges are visible.


Regardless of your preference of fold, just set it and forget it. Don’t over tinker with it or expect it to be (and stay!) perfect. The pocket square is a small accessory with high impact style. Show off your personality and don’t be afraid to experiment.