Accents for your fall wardrobe

To add a distinguishing touch to your suit or sport coat this fall, try including a pocket square to your look. This simple accessory makes a statement of fashion and personal style. A brightly patterned silk square will pair great with a solid dress or sport shirt to add some pop. Or for a more laid back look, skip the tie and try a cotton square with a funky blazer. A neatly folded white silk square is always in style for a formal or black tie event.  Accents

Cufflinks – your Grandpa probably wore them all the time. Now they are back in style! A great pair adds a touch of class to your finished look. When it comes to cufflinks the choices are endless. Look for fun ones like a Kenneth Cole deck of cards or a dressier pair such as a polished metal from Eton to complete your look.

Tie bars are in the same family as cufflinks. They are a great accessory to break a look up and add some unique style. Bars come in silver, gold and a variety of widths to accommodate any tie.

As the weather takes a turn for the cooler you can’t forget the ultimate accent piece, a scarf. A great eye-catching accessory, a scarf adds instant class and personality to any look. Try an understated solid or make a bolder move with a vibrant multi-coloured piece. Not only fashionable, a cozy wool or luxurious cashmere scarf will also keep you warm this season.